How to Determine Alcohol Content

If you are going to be attending a beer or wine tasting soon, you may want to know a little more about the alcohol content of the beverages you may be drinking. This will help you to know your limits, and will keep you safe when you are out for drinks with friends. How can you determine the alcohol content of your favorite drinks? Here are a few tips that may help.

Blood alcohol content is the official term used to describe the concentration of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream. This is the way that many law enforcement officers or physicians determine whether or not a person is intoxicated. Most people also think that you can determine your blood alcohol content by the amount of drinks that you consume, but this is an inaccurate way of determining how much alcohol is in your system.

However, studies have shown that in most cases, men can consume more alcohol than women, and individuals with more body mass are able to drink more without becoming intoxicated. A blood alcohol content of about .20 percent represents intoxication, so it is best to simply listen to your body and stop drinking when you start to feel tired or sluggish.

You will also need to know more about the alcohol content of certain beverages so you will know how much is safe to drink. For instance, champagne does not have as high of an alcohol concentration as gin, and a glass of beer will not cause intoxication as quickly as a drink with vodka would.

There are many myths about drinking such as beer contains less alcohol content than other types of beverage. However, although your body may absorb beer a little slower, one twelve ounce beer, one four ounce glass of wine and one mixed drink with a quarter eighty proof liquor all have the same alcohol content. Knowing things like this before you go to a dinner party or plan a night out with friends will help you to have better control of your senses. If you do not drink often, it is best to stick with drinks that have low alcohol content.

There are also blood alcohol content rules that you will need to adhere to if you are going to be driving home from the event you are attending. The regulation percentages are different in every country, so be sure that you are not over .08 percent over the legal limit if you know that you have to drive after a party.

Drinking coffee, using the bathroom, eating something or taking a cold shower will not sober you up – only time can do that job. The effects of alcohol hit everybody differently depending on age, weight, food consumed, genes and other factors.