Traditional Mexican Beverages

As with most cuisines around the world, the first thing that folks think of when Mexican food is mentioned are all of those tasty dishes and not the various beverages that go with them. Food and drink pairing is an integral part of all cuisines and cultures and the beverage served with any meal is just as important as the food itself. After all, washing down a Mexican style fine red snapper with orange juice or milk does not quite hit the mark even though it may be healthy. Luckily, there is a vast selection of delicious, healthy and traditional Mexican beverages to go with every meal.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Chocolate is popular in Mexican dishes, or even as a dessert bar. Nevertheless, it is more often consumed in the form of a hot chocolate drink. Mexican chocolate has a tendancy to be more coarse and bitter than that from other countries. That makes it a perfect ingredient for a breakfast beverage. Melt the chocolate, add a bit of sugar to taste, and you have Mexican hot chocolate.

Mexican Beer

Known by its Spanish name of Cerveza, beer is just as popular in Mexico as it is in any other country. Mexican breweries are second to none in producing some truly fine beers which make a fine accompaniment to a lunch composed of burritos. However, to make a great Mexican drink, try a Michelada. This drink is a mixture of beer, tabasco sauce, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and lime.

Mexican Fruit Drinks

Aqua fresca is a Mexican cooler that comes in a variety of flavors such as guava, pineapple or mango and is a great fruit drink to enjoy with that fine lunchtime frittata. Other Mexican favourites include agua de tamarindo made from the tamarind and the lighter agua de Jamaica made from the Hibiscus flower.

Traditional Mexican Margarita

Naturally, that pre-dinner drink can quite rightly consist of a traditional margarita. Made from fine tequila and Mexican Controy, you will be ready for a hearty meal after one of these. Of course, you can take your tequila straight if you wish but do not forget the lime.

Mexican Coffee

After dinner, you will just have to have a Mexican coffee. Select some of your finest beans and brew the coffee dark. Then liven it up with a couple of ounces of tequila, Kahlua and brandy. For a real taste treat, add the same amount of Rompope, a type of vanilla Mexican liqueur. Alternatively, for something a little more straightforward, just try a bit of the Rompope all on its own.

Between beers for lunch, a pre-dinner margarita and an after-dinner Mexican coffee you might just be ready for a good night’s sleep. However, the next morning could be a bit risky, so maybe you had better have some of that milk after all. Have it Mexican style in the form of a good horchata.

Horchata is a traditional Mexican drink made from rice, water, cinnamon, almonds and sugar. However, milk is often added as well. It is reputed to be good for hangovers but if not, at least the taste will help you forget your throbbing head!