Coffee – You Can’t Live Without It!

I wake up to the off-key anxiety clock. With great effort I get out of bed and make my way to the kitchen. With one eye open, I manage to deal with yesterday filter and coffee grounds out of the coffee and amazingly I am able to remove them and put in the trash. I fill the pot with H2O, and finally get new coffee filter in the maker. As I struggle to open the canister of coffee, the spell of this wonderful grinds tingles my senses and I begin the expedition to become part of the living again.

I wait in expectancy for the pot to make it gorgeous sound like angels that the coffee is complete. I pour myself a cup. I draw in the aroma and now I take my first sip. Somehow there is not anything like experiencing that first sip of black gold, actually coffee in the morning.

I need to drink coffee. It is all that is on my mind in the morning. If I got to have coffee, then I want to experience good coffee, not the kind that is a store brand type. Drinking a find ground coffee is like the nectar from the gods. Is it a health food? I doubt it but at least I am keeping adding some caffeine and water to my body.

Good coffee comes in all flavors and prices depending upon where and how it is harvested. It even comes in decaf. My secret to making the coffee taste superior is the water. Just remember this thought about water when you are making your coffee, it never takes as much water to make coffee as some people think it does. You can use bottle water but as long as it has passed through a filter properly then you will be ok.

The subsequent thing about water is the resource. Most of the time, tap water just doesn’t hack it. If you can make use of filter water, you will truly take pleasure in your coffee. Even the smell of the coffee will be different based upon the worth of the water. I used filtered tap water from my refrigerator and the flavor is perfect.

You can buy coffee from a coffee store online or at your local coffee hangout. The assortment is usually quite sufficient. Are you waiting to experience the jump starting, butt kicking jolt you need to start your day? Today is the day to start. When purchasing coffee online, consider having it shipped to you at a minimum of USPS Priority mail. The weather rudiments might affect the taste of your precious coffee.

I am not sure wars have been fought over coffee. We know a revolution started over a tax on tea. It doesn’t matter, coffee is important to us and we need it. For some people, it might be dangerous to stand in their way before they have their coffee. Remember, if it is early in the day, give that person some room since they may not have had their morning cup to get started.