Food and Drinks

Traditional Mexican Beverages

As with most cuisines around the world, the first thing that folks think of when Mexican food is mentioned are all of those tasty dishes and not the various beverages that go with them. Food and drink pairing is an integral part of all cuisines and cultures and the beverage served with any meal is just as important as the food itself. After all, washing down a Mexican style fine red snapper with orange juice or milk does not quite hit the mark even though it may be healthy. Luckily, there is a vast selection of delicious, healthy and traditional Mexican beverages to go with every meal.

Cooking with Alcohol

Alcohol is often used in cooking and baking recipes to cause certain foods to release flavors that would not otherwise be experienced without the alcohol interaction. In some recipes, the alcoholic beverages can help break down tough fibers via marinades, while in others; the alcohol is an essential component to achieve a desired chemical reaction in a dish. For example, wine and Kirsch were originally added to fondue because the alcohol lowers the boiling point of the cheese, which helps prevent curdling.