Beer Club of the Month - Beer Of the Month Club

Although wine clubs have been about for a number of years, it was only with the advent of the internet that they truly blossomed. Not so well known is the fact that the beer of the month club has also done the same. As with any mail order type business, the internet has reduced operating costs for both wine and beer clubs and also made it possible to reach a worldwide prospective customer base.

Specialty beers are more often found in restaurants, bars, pubs and occasionally from a purchase at a store. But to get the widest possible variety, at preferential prices, an online beer club offers the best of all worlds.

Regular newsletters keep members up to date on the latest brews and long overlooked gems. Product has been taste tested by experts who are often judges at national or international contests. Specialty glassware and other collectibles often accompany the beer products on offer.

Membership terms vary, with lots of price competition to keep costs down to levels you would find in the local store or better with much greater selection. In most cases, you can even choose between monthly or quarterly shipments of your beer selections.

Information on the beers goes well beyond subjective tasting notes from knowledgeable experts. Alcohol content, bitterness measures in International Bitterness Units or IBU, and a variety of other objective criteria help you decide which brews to sample.

You will need all the guidance you can get. Only the most dedicated pub could offer anywhere near the number and type of brews available from an online club, and you get the added benefit of an education with each one.

Whether your tastes run to pale lagers or dark stouts, pilsner to Belgian to Barley wine, you will find something to suit you online. Online beer of the month clubs know no geographic boundaries either. Germany, Britain, Belgium, America, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China or Argentina and anywhere else beer is brewed are all covered.

In the US, prices typically range between $15 to $30 plus shipping cost per month with anywhere from a few bottles to a dozen or more offered. Some beer clubs require a minimum three month signup period, but most are month to month.

If you find one you like but are also fond of cigars, wine, chocolate or other specialty items, many beer clubs have divisions that offer similar programs on those items as well.

Beer America, for example, has been around online for nearly 10 years and has served over half a million people. Located in Lake Forest, Illinois, near Chicago, the club has a program for $22 that ships two six packs per month to member's front doors.

Another company located in another Lake Forest, this one in California, is the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club. They offer several different programs ranging from $18 per month for the U.S. only brews to $31 per month for the International Beer club program. In either case, members receive two different styles of six bottles each selected by the club's expert tasters.

Online Beer Clubs Of The Month can be found all over the U.S., Belgium, Canada and many other countries. Since they are online their headquarters location matters little, except for obvious variations in shipping costs and time.