Microbrewed Beer

Nowadays, some of the best beer in the world is brewed in America, although that has not always been the case. The US used to have a global reputation for brewing the worst beer anywhere. However, with the advent of microbreweries some thirty years ago, that trend has been well and truly reversed with American craft brewers now producing some of the best microbrewed beer in the world. Because microbreweries only produce small batches of experimental and seasonal brews that stand out in terms of both flavor and variety, microbrew beer has become a popular alternative to traditional mass produced brews.

Microbrewed Beer Articles

  • What is Microbrew Beer
    The concept of the microbrew beer started in the UK and was used to describe the small locations that focused on producing cask ale, which was an alternative to more traditional brewing
  • Microbreweries - Growth of Microbreweries
    Growth of Microbreweries - Today, there are some 500 microbreweries and brewpubs in the United States with more popping up all over the place during the past couple of years
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    Handcrafted Beers Made in Local Breweries - Microbrews and microbreweries originated in the United Kingdom during the late 1970s with the terms eventually spreading to the US
  • Keg Beer - Cask Ale - Cask Conditioned Beers
    Keg Beer vs Cask Conditioned Beers - In the UK cask ale refers to beer that is served without additional carbon dioxide or nitrogen pressure and is often referred to as Real Ale
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    Brewpubs Portland Oregon - For the best wine, you go to California and for the best in beer, you go to Portland Oregon, where your never more than 20 minutes away from a great brewpub
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    Based in the city of Juneau, the Alaskan Brewing Company is not only the oldest and only operating brewery in Alaska, it also became the 67th brewery to operate in the US in 1986