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  • History of Beer Making. The art of beer making is a story of creation, devotion and honour that stretches back some 2000 years and is thought to older than that of farming
  • Types of Beer. Beer brewing is both an art and a science which needs the right ingredients and the right recipe to produce the various types of beer found all over the world.
  • Best Beer In The World. So much beer and so little time is a common complaint amongst beer aficionados due to the sheer numbers of different brews that can be found around the globe
  • Ale Beers. There are two broad categories of beer, namely ale beers and lager beers, which are mainly distinguished by the type of yeast used during the fermentation
  • Lager Beer. With the numerous varieties of lager beer available around the world, even the most dedicated fan would find it impossible to sample even a fraction of them
  • Bavarian Weissbier. Bavarian style wheat beer brewing goes back centuries with the famed German purity law - Reinheitsgebot - established in 1516
  • There is one type of Belgian beer that clearly stands apart and that is Belgian Lambic Beer which, in its true form, is made only from wild yeasts, and only those grown in a very specific region
  • The domestic Canadian beer market is dominated by two brands. Both Labatts and Molson Canadian beer are served at numorous bars and restaurants throughout Canada
  • There are numerous varieties of German beer or bier which are mostly brewed using the freshest and most authentic ingredients of barley malt, water and hops
  • Although there are four beer making ingredients that are common to all brews, it is the brewing system and processes used that accounts for the wide variation in the types of beer.
  • The main homebrew beer ingredients are barley, hops, yeast, and water and it is important to gain a general understanding of what each ingredient does and why it is necessary
  • Malted Barley is one of the four main beer making ingredients and although it is of little use for anything else, it well suited for the beer making process
  • Hops for beer making and the other three key ingredients are all boiled together, cooled and then stored in order for the mixture to ferment into beer
  • Beer Yeast - Brewing Yeast, which is a unicellular fungus and is also a living organism, is one of the four main ingredients in beer brewing and is also the most essential
  • Even though water is just that to most people, nothing could be further from the truth as far a beer brewing water is concerned. The best water for brewing beer is from prized natural sources
  • Microbreweries produce small batches of experimental and seasonal brews that stands out in terms of flavor and variety, Microbrewed beer is a popular alternative to traditional mass produced brews
  • The concept of the microbrew beer started in the UK and was used to describe the small locations that focused on producing cask ale, which was an alternative to more traditional brewing
  • Growth of Microbreweries - Today, there are some 500 microbreweries and brewpubs in the United States with more popping up all over the place during the past couple of years
  • Microbrewery Guide - Microbrewery Oregon - Seattle Microbreweries - The ideal place to sample the best of Northwest handcrafted ale is a well run brewpub, which will stimulate the ...
  • Handcrafted Beers Made in Local Breweries - Microbrews and microbreweries originated in the United Kingdom during the late 1970s with the terms eventually spreading to the US
  • Keg Beer vs Cask Conditioned Beers - In the UK cask ale refers to beer that is served without additional carbon dioxide or nitrogen pressure and is often referred to as Real Ale
  • Brewpubs Portland Oregon - For the best wine, you go to California and for the best in beer, you go to Portland Oregon, where your never more than 20 minutes away from a great brewpub
  • Based in the city of Juneau, the Alaskan Brewing Company is not only the oldest and only operating brewery in Alaska, it also became the 67th brewery to operate in the US in 1986
  • Home brewing beer is a hobby and pastime that enthrals many folks. There is nothing quite like brewing your own beer and then sitting down with friends and family to enjoy the fruits of your labor
  • Beer home brewing has become a popular pastime for many folks. Here are some answers to the more common home brewing questions that many folks have when they are first starting out
  • You need some time and patience to brew beer at home but after that, you can have a great quality home made beer which you can be proud of
  • Home beer brewing kits are one of the best ways for a beginner to start making their own beer. However, there are numerous options when it comes to beer home brew kits
  • Preparation and the right beer brewing equipment are one of the keys to success in home beer making. The other key is of course the correct ingredients that makes the brew
  • Home Brew - Home Brew Beer Recipe - After all of the beer brewing equipment is prepared you will need ingredients to go into your home beer brew recipe. Two and a half to three kilos ...
  • When it comes to home beer making and calculating beer alcohol content, specific gravity is the measurement of choice for the home beer brewer ...
  • Storing Home Brew Beer | Beer Refrigerator - Unlike wine, the majority of beers are not brewed to age. Beer typically spoils within a few months, a year at most, with rare exceptions. Even ...
  • Have fun in making this delicious homemade ginger beer recipe, and enjoy making it together with your children. You can make little changes to make it your own personal recipe for ginger beer.
  • For the connoisseur, drinking beer is much more than simply a way to quench their thirst. The perfect beer nneds to be poured and served correctly to appreciate the finer aspects of the brew
  • Beer Drinkers Guide to Pouring Beer - Amongst beer drinkers, the simple act of pouring beer into a glass is surrounded with much controversy and as many differing opinions as there are ...
  • Brewing Beer - Beer Tasting - Over the years, beer tasting professionals have developed practices that can easily be adapted by anyone into home beer brewing and wanting to ...
  • Beer and Food Pairing - Pairing Beer and Food - The idea of giving deep thought to which wine to serve with a particular meal goes back centuries but it may come as a surprise to many that ...
  • Beer glasses and beer glassware for presentation are mostly a matter of judgment, often subject to the passions of aficionados. However, there really are factors that impact the taste and aroma
  • Beer Club of the Month - Beer Of The Month Club - Although wine clubs have been about for a number of years, it was only with the advent of the internet that they truly blossomed. Not so well ...
  • The health benefits of moderate red wine drinking have been extensively studied. But several recent studies on beer drinking health suggest that the health benefits of beer may be the same ...
  • Beer drinking in moderation can be relaxing as well as reducing stress levels. On the flip side, the disadvantages of excessive beer drinking far outweigh the benefits