Types of Beer

There are numerous different types of beer including lagers, pilsners, ales and stouts to name but a few. They are very popular, relaxing beverages that folks in every country enjoy.

Drinking a good brew has become a cornerstone of life for many folks all over the globe. Having a beer with friends over a game of cards or while watching a game is a way for many folks to make the most of their free time.

Beer brewing is both an art and a science which needs the right ingredients and the right recipe to produce the various types of beer found all over the world.

Type of Beer Articles

  • Best Beer In The World
    Best Beer In The World. So much beer and so little time is a common complaint amongst beer aficionados due to the sheer numbers of different brews that can be found around the globe
  • Ale Beers - India Pale Ale - Trappist Ale
    Ale Beers. There are two broad categories of beer, namely ale beers and lager beers, which are mainly distinguished by the type of yeast used during the fermentation
  • Lager Beer - Pilsner Beer - Ice Beer
    Lager Beer. With the numerous varieties of lager beer available around the world, even the most dedicated fan would find it impossible to sample even a fraction of them
  • Bavarian Weissbier - Bavarian Style Wheat Beer
    Bavarian Weissbier. Bavarian style wheat beer brewing goes back centuries with the famed German purity law - Reinheitsgebot - established in 1516
  • Belgian Beer - Lambic Beer
    There is one type of Belgian beer that clearly stands apart and that is Belgian Lambic Beer which, in its true form, is made only from wild yeasts, and only those grown in a very specific region
  • Types of Canadian Beer
    The domestic Canadian beer market is dominated by two brands. Both Labatts and Molson Canadian beer are served at numorous bars and restaurants throughout Canada
  • Different Types of German Beer
    There are numerous varieties of German beer or bier which are mostly brewed using the freshest and most authentic ingredients of barley malt, water and hops