What is Microbrew Beer

If you have been trying to create your own brews at home, or want to learn more about how beer is made, you will definitely want to visit or start working for a microbrew beer establishment. Here is some information about the microbrew system, as well as the origin of the method.

A microbrewery is a beer brewery that only manufactures a certain amount of the beverage per year. Technically, a location is considered a microbrew if it produces about 15,000 barrels a year, but the exact amount varies depending on the region. The city or town that you live in may also have a micro pub or two. These are microbrew locations that are in partnership with a local bar or pub. Therefore, you could be enjoying a beverage at your local restaurant that is specific to your region.

The concept of microbrew beer actually started in the late 1970's in the U.K. This term was used to describe the small locations that focused on producing cask ale, which was an alternative to more traditional brewing. By the 1980's, the concept had spread to the United States. These locations took on a different way to market themselves, and offered products to restaurants and bars that stood out in terms of flavor and diversity. A microbrewery is usually able to make beverages of a higher quality as well, since the establishment is smaller and the employees can experiment with a number of different flavors to come up with varieties that may only be sold in your city.

Another reason why the microbrew has become so popular is due to Prohibition. In the early twentieth century, Prohibition led many of the larger breweries to close down; these establishments made beer solely, and could not rely on selling wine for religious ceremonies the way that wineries of the day could. Therefore, many breweries had to consolidate. Commercial American beer was created by larger corporations such as Miller and Budweiser, and these companies are still extremely popular today.

If you like to travel, you may want to go to other countries that have microbrew facilities for you to visit. New Zealand and Australia are great places to travel if you want to try out some unique beer varieties that you will not find anywhere else. There are also a number of microbreweries in Canada, which you will not want to pass up either.

If you find that you want to try your hand at a few beer varieties after you visit a microbrewery, there are a number of websites where you can find helpful information about the right products for brewing, as well as historical facts about microbrew beer locations that you may want to make plans to visit soon.