About Coffee Beans

With an estimated four hundred billion cups being consumed each year, coffee is the world’s most popular beverage and a commodity that is second only to oil. Coffee beans per se are not a bean at all but rather the seed of the coffee cherry fruit. Coffee trees are grown in around eighty countries, all of which lie in a narrow equatorial belt, sometimes referred to as the coffee bean belt.

Although there are around sixty different types of coffee tree, two types, namely Arabica and Robusta, dominate the world market in coffee beans. Out of those two, the Robusta coffee tree is the hardiest producing a coffee cherry that has a higher caffeine content. However, Arabica coffee trees, which only grow at higher elevations, produce denser coffee beans that are generally more flavoursome than Robusta. However, both growing conditions and methods of processing dictate the quality of the final product, which is the coffee that ends up in your cup.

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