Coffee Pod - Coffee Pod Machine

A Coffee Pod consists of coffee that has been roasted and then ground. The ground coffee is then immediatley packaged into a special paper pod and the coffee pods themselves packaged into an airtight bag. The standard size of a coffee pod is about 44 millimeters although some machines such as the Senseo coffee pod machine, use pods that are 62 millimeters. Depending upon the make, there is normally 6.8 to 7.0 grams of ground coffee per coffee pod.

The original coffee pod is an idea that was only conceived within the last decade. In 1996, Illy Caffe came up with the idea, which the group then decided to market to the coffee industry. As a result, many coffee machines were adapted to take coffee pods, which were a great alternative to actually measuring out the coffee.

Coffee pods are especially useful for making espresso. Espresso is an especially difficult type of coffee to make, and without the proper measurements, it is quite easy to make a cup of espresso that leaves a little to be desired when it comes to taste. However, with a coffee pod, the amount of ground coffee is pre measured which means that the pod can be put into an automatic espresso machine, and a great cup of espresso can be made each and every time.

In addition to the 44 millimeter coffee pods, there are also 55 and 62 millimeter coffee pods. The 44 and 52 millimeter pods are best for espresso machines, while the 62 millimeter pods are best for the Black and Decker Home Café coffee machine, as well as the Senseo coffee pod machine. It is very important to note the pod size that your home coffee machine can take, otherwise both the machine and the resulting cup of coffee can suffer.

Recently, flavoured coffee pods have begun to appear from some manufacturers. These flavored coffee pods include varieities such as Amaretto, Irish Cream, Hazelnut, and Vanilla.

Coffee pods can be found in specialty coffee shops, supermarkets or they can be ordered online. Prices of the pods depend on the flavor, the amount of coffee within each pod, and where one chooses to buy the pods from. For instance, here in the UK, a lot of people buy their coffee pods from Europe where they tend to be a lot cheaper and also, some will say, make a better quality coffee.