Coffee Roasting – Black Gold

If you did not know David Lange was talking about coffee, you would bet a bag of beans he was waxing poetic about wine. In the tasting room at Consumer's Choice Coffee in Louisville, Ky., Lange never describes coffee as good or bad. Instead, flavors are bright, bold and robust.

Coffee has structure, texture and body. As Lange, the company's vice president of business development, pours a cup, he encourages the three tasters under his tutelage to savor the aroma, really take a good whiff. And make sure to let it roll to the back of your tongue.

One sip makes clear this is not your father's Folgers or your mother's Maxwell House, he points out. This is the good stuff, beans from Kenya, Honduras and Columbia, roasted and blended by master manipulators of fire and flavor.

And to think that just 20 years ago it was just plain-old coffee, a mere cup of Joe, mud, java or go-go juice.

People right now are coffee snobs, Lange said. My parents drank Folgers all their lives, and recently when they ran out of the coffee I have been getting them, they told me, We had to drink Folgers today.

That is what is happening. People's tastes in coffee have changed dramatically. Read More...