Starbucks Famous Frappuccino Gets a Fruit Twist

Starbucks is giving its Frappuccino blended beverages a new fruit twist that will turn an escape to the beach into a tropical retreat. Starting today, Starbucks debuts Pomegranate Frappuccino juice blend and Tangerine Frappuccino juice blend made with fruit juice and freshly-brewed Tazo tea.

Starbucks hand-picked these flavors to capture the essence of summer, knowing that our customers want the most refreshing beverages that surprise and delight their senses with appealing ingredients and unexpected tastes, said Michelle Gass, senior vice president of Category Management. The summer months, particularly July, are typically the hottest times of the year for Frappuccino blended beverages, our new thirst-quenching flavors are sure to tempt the taste buds throughout the year.

Juicing Up New Tastes of Summer

Made with all-natural, freshly-brewed Tazo green tea, Pomegranate Frappuccino juice blend revitalizes the senses with its lively mix of pomegranate, peach and a hint of mint blended with ice. It is the perfect summer refresher. Adding to the taste temptation, a serving of Pomegranate Frappuccino juice blend contains as many anti-oxidants as an equivalent amount of orange juice, and it provides 40 percent of an adults daily vitamin C requirement.

Just as The Wall Street Journal recently heralded pomegranate as one of the new 'it' flavors in the food industry, we like to think of it as a flavor our customers will love to discover , added Gass. By introducing an intriguing flavor at its cultural and culinary tipping point, we are confident Starbucks customers are going to make the Pomegranate Frappuccino juice blend the 'it' drink of summer.

While this exotic fruit gains popularity in the United States, its 'seedy' history actually dates back to ancient times. Literally meaning 'apple with many seeds,' the pomegranate has exactly 840 seeds in its juicy center. And, it is no wonder that the flavor is about to explode, the French actually named their hand-tossed explosive 'the grenade' after the seed-scattering properties of this rouge fruit.

Tangerine Frappuccino juice blend is a tangy blend of freshly-brewed Tazo Passion tea, tangerine, a splash of lime flavor and a touch of hibiscus blended with ice. Refreshing and icy, its cool flavors make it a perfect choice for a hot summer day. Even though this tangy fruit conjures up tropical day dreams, it is named after the city of Tangiers in Morocco and widely grown in China. The whole-fruit is packed with fiber and provides 50 percent of an adults daily requirement of vitamin C; it's not surprising that the tangerine is associated with luck in many Asian cultures.

Both beverages contain fruit juice, are naturally fat-free, low in calories, cholesterol-free and completely non-dairy. And like all Starbucks beverages, they can be customized with any flavor of Tazo tea - caffeinated or caffeine free.

A Classic Latin Cooler to Keep Summer Sizzlin

The flavors of the tropics do not stop at the blender this summer. For those looking to stamp their taste bud passport, Starbucks is also introducing Iced Cafe con Leche, the classic Latin summer cooler, made with Starbucks Terraza Blend coffee, a classic syrup and touch of whole milk.

Beat the Heat with Starbucks 'At Home' Summer Essentials

Last month, Starbucks started serving its new Terraza Blend iced coffee in stores. Today, customers will find Starbucks Terraza Blend whole bean coffee in 16 oz. and 8 oz. packs. Specially-crafted to be served on ice, this premium blend of Latin American and African coffees provides a refreshing finish to a summer meal on the patio. A natural for those who love to entertain, Starbucks Terraza Blend whole bean coffee will be available through 28 August 2006

Other Starbucks summer entertaining essentials include:

  • The Iced Tea Shaker Set to brew and shake your favorite iced tea, MSRP US$19.95/ CN$27.95;
  • A set of four Fruit Tumblers, decorated with brightly colored fruit, they're great for serving iced tea or coffee, MSRP US$24.95/ CN$34.95
  • Complement your tumblers with a fun and stylish Outdoor Pitcher, perfect for water or favorite cold beverages, MSRP US$14.95/CN$20.95.


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