Espresso, Cold Milk and Ice Makes a Perfect Iced Latte

With the mercury rising higher than normal throughout the nation(1) this summer, thirsty Americans may want to take a break from their daily cup of hot coffee for a tasty iced espresso made with a new concentrate from Stomping Grounds Beverage Company. It's a perfect way to beat the heat.


  • 1/3 Stomping Grounds Cold-Press Concentrated Espresso -- any flavor (on store shelves coast-to-coast and at for about $6 per 12-serving box).
  • 2/3 parts milk of choice (whole, skim, rice or soy).
  • Add your favorite sweetener to taste.
  • Pour over ice.

Stomping Grounds is the first liquid, cold-pressed espresso concentrate in the United States. It comes in four flavors:

  • Original Espresso blend (with a touch of sugar)
  • Mocha
  • Caramel
  • Vanilla

Stomping Grounds is vacuum-sealed in a Tetra-Pak box and can be easily and conveniently stored at room temperature until it is ready to be served, either hot or cold. Once opened, it must be refrigerated, but will remain fresh for almost a month.

Beverage industry entrepreneur Sean Ryan created Stomping Grounds in 2005, after serving as an executive at Nestle, and marketing Oregon Chai to prominence.

Says Ryan, "Stomping Grounds is easy to pack for summer travel. It is not only convenient, but also an economical choice for coffee lovers."

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