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Caribou Coffee have introduced a new dark roast gourmet coffee called Obsidian Dark Roast Blend, which is unlike anything gourmet coffee drinkers have tasted before. What makes Obsidian Dark Roast Blend different is its remarkably smooth flavor and finish.

Obsidian Dark Roast Blend consists of coffee beans grown in volcanic highlands around the globe, hand-blended and dark-roasted to create a combination of bold wild berry flavors and notes of fine bittersweet chocolate. It is named after the Obsidian gem: a dark, smooth gem formed as molten, volcanic lava ends its flow and is instantly solidified by the cooling waters of the ocean.

Obsidian is supported by a national advertising campaign utilizing the tag line, "Dark to the core. Smooth to the finish."

Caribou Coffee CEO Michael Coles said, "A key point of differentiation for Caribou Coffee is our broad range of roast degrees. Starting with Kenya, the lightest roast available, to French Roast, the darkest roast, Caribou Coffee chooses a roast level to optimize the flavor of each variety. Obsidian Dark Roast Blend is a great addition to the dark roast slate because it is incredibly smooth."

Caribou CoffeeFocus groups from around the country confirm that consumers have rated Caribou Coffee as smoother and less-bitter tasting than other leading coffeehouse blends. By offering Obsidian Dark Roast Blend, Caribou Coffee continues its pledge to satisfy gourmet coffee drinkers. This was exemplified last Friday when Caribou Coffee honored a coupon e-mailed to its online subscriber community and the recently recalled Starbucks coupons.

"We believe in surprising and delighting our customers; offering them a free Cold Press iced coffee was one way we could introduce them to a great tasting quality product," Coles said.

Caribou Coffee

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