Acid Reduced Coffee from Puroast and Heartburn Acid Reflux

If you are one of the estimated forty million Americans that suffers from heartburn acid reflux, you may be happy to learn that some relief is on the horizon if you are also a coffee drinker. It is said that coffee is one of the main culprits when it comes to causes of GERD. Puroast(R) Low Acid Coffee now has their java on the shelves across America just in time for the holidays.

Puroast(R)'s low acid brew is 50% lower in acid compared to other leading brands and this is welcome relief for those who've long suffered from coffee related acid problems. Estimates by the National Institute of Health show that approximately 40 million Americans suffer from heartburn, acid reflux, GERD or other acid-induced stomach ailments. Beverages like coffee and orange juice are among the leading culprits when it comes to causes for these symptoms.

It used to be that these consumers would be asked to significantly reduce, or give up entirely, drinking coffee by their family doctor or gastroenterologist. Or the recommendation has been to find a coffee substitute, such as soy-based beverages, switch to green tea or take prescription antacid medicine. None of these alternatives however are satisfying to the long-standing coffee drinker -- a good cup of coffee is still the reference. Puroast(R)'s breakthrough product gives the consumer exactly what they want; great gourmet coffee taste with less than half the acid.

The Wall Street Journal (5/24/06) and Newsweek Magazine (7/24/06) conducted independent tasting of various "gentle java" products on the market, including Folger's Simply Smooth(R) brand, and each found Puroast(R) Low Acid Coffee to be the best tasting. Puroast(R) has backed up its low acid claims with research conducted at the University of California, Davis. Here Dr. Takayuki Shibamoto confirmed in his labs using pH determination methods, the significantly lower acid levels contained in Puroast(R).

The company has launched an aggressive marketing campaign throughout the US this year and the product is now found in major supermarkets across the country. For those who don't have it yet in their local stores, Puroast(R) Low Acid coffee can be purchased online from Puroast or by calling 1-877-LOW-ACID. The coffee has also caught the eye of international distributors who have started importing Puroast(R) into Europe and Japan.