Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker System

How about a coffee maker that brews delicious coffee without heat or electricity and instead makes cold water extraction coffee that is not only virtually acid free, but also does not stain your teeth while still giving that wonderful caffeine feel when you drink it. Enter the innovative Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker system, which makes its international debut at the 2009 International Home House Wares Show in Chicago from March 22-24.

Unlike conventional coffee makers, the Hourglass brews delicious coffee without heat or electricity and instead uses a patent-pending cold-water infusion process to naturally produce low acid coffee that is smooth and rich with no bitterness. Lab tests show that coffee brewed in the Hourglass has 69.6% less acid than coffee brewed with traditional hot brew methods. Coffee brewed in the Hourglass can be used to make both hot and iced coffee drinks.

Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee MakerThe Hourglass is eco friendly as well since it is made from health-safe BPA free plastic from Eastman. Conventional hot brew coffee makers have internal plastic parts, which may contain the harmful chemical called BPA. Recent studies show that the hot water needed for conventional brewing may leach BPA toxins into coffee up to fifty five times more rapidly than without heat.

The Hourglass is eco-smart and requires no electricity to brew and includes a stainless steel filter that lasts a lifetime (no paper filters needed!). The portable Bean Kanteen(TM) stores coffee fresh in the fridge for instant-portioned coffee on demand with no waste.

The Hourglass is spill proof, shatterproof and completely portable, making it the perfect coffee maker for travel, college life or brewing on the go. Its unique design makes it a great conversation piece in any kitchen.

HourGlass Coffee