DeLonghi BAR32 Pump Espresso Maker Review

DeLonghi BAR32 Pump Espresso MakerThe DeLonghi BAR32 Pump Espresso Maker is a wonderful combination of old and new. Its retro appearance is coupled with probably the most state-of-the-art features you are likely to come across on espresso machines anywhere.

Not surprisingly, many espresso enthusiasts will prefer the modern-day design of various coffee makers. Indeed, a combination of shiny metal and black plastic, in conjunction with an almost Swedish style in many instances, really does result in a great looking coffee making machine. Nevertheless, we all adore the '50s appearance of this unconventional, rounded machine. Given that coffee is a matter of taste, why should the coffee maker design be any different?

There is no subjective aspect with regards to functionality, though. The DeLonghi BAR32 offers features, which are more frequently found only on high-end units costing ten times as much.

DeLonghi BAR32 Features

The very first of those is definitely the pump-driven system this particular espresso machine includes. Steam machines typically do a wonderful job but to make the best possible cup you need the highest pressure and only a pump is capable of doing that. Nonetheless, do not be fooled. Exactly why the company named it the BAR32 is anyone's guess. It does however produce a very respectable 15-bar, though.

The DeLonghi BAR32 Pump Espresso Maker also features self-priming, a convenient function that allows you to make your espresso extremely quickly and efficiently. The straightforward controls add perfectly to the ease-of-use concept.

The portafilter contributes to that simplicity, removing the necessity of a high-end grinder. That theme is continued with the ability to use ESE coffee pods. Pop one in to brew, throw it out for easy cleanup. Alternatively, use coffee grounds, as you prefer. This model's feature is in fact simpler to use compared to many professional machines.

While we are talking about easy, you are going to like the clear 35-ounce detachable water tank along with the easily removed drip tray. Together those make for straightforward cleanup. The water tank also means you can make enough fine espresso for the guests without unnecessary waiting.

The stainless steel boiler heats up very quickly, so even those initial cups will come out very quickly without any compromise in quality. One factor is this stainless-steel model's ability to maintain a steady temperature through the entire process, not really something all steel models can claim.

DeLonghi BAR32 Cappuccino Maker

Fortunately, an extremely functional rotating jet frothing wand is onboard to add an attractive fluffy foam to each one. Cappuccino enthusiasts will be pleased that it demands minimal skill to top off your cup making use of this feature. In addition, thanks to the built-in Sempre Crema Filter, you can have a fine caramel-colored crema for your latte that does not call for the talents of a professional barista.

The twin thermostats also help increase your level of skill without any effort from you. There is one for water and another for steam, making sure you know precisely what is happening with your brew from start to finish. The various easy-view indicator lights are every bit as useful.

It is great to find an unconventional looking espresso maker with the unique advantage of professional features at a moderate cost. Just how the company can do that might be a secret, but the quality of the espresso from the DeLonghi BAR32 Pump Espresso Maker most certainly is not.

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