Organic Coffee - Organic Coffee Bean

Coffee has many of us addicted to its wonderful taste and aroma not to mention the instant boost of energy that most of us so badly need on an early morning office going weekday. There are as many types of coffee blends out there as there are drinkers and in due course we all eventually find the exact flavor that enchants our taste buds, awakens our senses and delights our entire being.

Organic Coffee Bean

Organic coffee is different by taste and that is due to the way it is grown. The coffee plant grows best in the shade which means that the farmers not only have to plant the coffee but also trees which will provide the required shade. Many coffee growers had given up on this method of growing larger amounts of coffee due to lower profit margins. However, the coffee taste suffered in the end and consumers soon noticed the difference.

Organic coffee is grown only under protective tree shade for two main reasons. One is to provide the coffee beans with the unmistakeable taste that can only be achieved in the shade and the second is to assist migrating birds. Yes, you are reading correctly. During the past few years, there has been a marked decrease in the migrating bird population which has been directly attributable to an increase in coffee plantations which in turn has all but wiped out tree plantations in those areas.

Organic coffee bean growers do not use any chemicals to accelerate or enhance the growth of the coffee plant. In fact, US law will only proclaim a coffee as organic if it was grown on land that was shaded and is chemical free for three consecutive years.

Taste Of Organic Coffee

It is easy to see why the taste or organic coffee will taste far better than any other coffee. Usually the trees grown along side the coffee plant will greatly influence the aromas of the coffee by providing it with richer fuller flavors.

Drinking coffee everyday is a selfish act as you do it solely to please yourself and your senses. However, in the case of organic coffee, you can drink and feel good that others profit from it as well. The birds profit from the trees, the farmers because there are no pesticides and chemicals used and therefore no side effects from farming the coffee and you profit the most, by getting an unmatched taste every time you want a cup of coffee.

The more you know about organic coffee, the more convinced you will get that this is the right type of coffee for you, your family and friends. Today more and more countries are joining in for a good cause and a better cup of coffee.