Single Cup Coffee Maker

The young adult generation of today are so used to the automatic drip coffee maker with its ubiquitous glass pot that the pots of coffee are taken for granted. The new wave of coffee making machines include the new single cup coffee maker making new choices available to coffee drinkers everywhere.

When To Make Coffee

The custom of making coffee has evolved into a pot of the stuff first thing in the morning and another whenever a coffee craver finds that pot empty or the stale coffee undrinkable.

A single cup coffee maker makes a fast cup every time someone wants one with the last cup of the day being as freshly made as the first. And it really is fast because the single cup coffee maker does not have to heat up a whole pot of cold water before the brewing can begin.

Some single cup coffee makers even have the capability of making several cups and storing them in a special compartment away from harsh heat and oxygen to be served one at a time. This is a great solution for getting a fresh cup even at the popular coffee drinking times of day.

What Coffee To Make

With the many varieties of coffee available today, the single cup coffee maker makes it possible for every coffee drinker in the house to get a fresh cup of their favorite kind of coffee. Since the coffee maker can make one cup at a time instead of a whole pot, each drinker can choose which bean to brew. You can be the perfect host by serving each of your guests their favorite blend of coffee every time. No longer is choosing the type of coffee for the whole pot a bone of contention.

Where To Make Coffee

Most single cup coffee makers are, of course, smaller than the usual type of coffee maker. There is no reason to take up counter space in the kitchen anymore. A small coffee maker can be kept on the bedroom dresser or on an end table in the family room. They are safer, too, since there is no need for a hot plate to keep the pot of coffee warm. A single cup is made and dispensed into the cup then taken away to be enjoyed. Remember that some models can still remain hot, so watch out for the little ones.

Now that the technology is available, it just makes sense to take advantage of the single cup coffee maker. After all, you only drink one cup at a time so why not have a fresh one.