Coffee Bean Plant to Coffee Cup Sitemap

  • The processing of coffee beans from plant to cup is a worldwide market whose output as a commodity is second only to oil in value
  • Coffee beans per se are not a bean at all but rather the seed of the coffee cherry fruit. The coffee plant or tree is grown in around eighty countries around the world
  • Legend has it that coffee originated in the Ethiopian region of Kaffa in northeastern Africa around 300 AD
  • Many legends surround the origins of coffee but the most reliable history puts its discovery in Ethiopia somewhere around 500 BC
  • Coffee bean trees are grown in many countries around the world but all can trace their heritage back to the ancient Ethiopian coffee forests
  • Coffee beans grow in over seventy countries in a band around the equator from approximately twenty five degrees north or south
  • Coffee Bean Producers - Major Coffee Producers - From its origins in Ethiopia, where the main coffee production is still from wild coffee tree forests, coffee consumption has spread throughout ...
  • Fairtrade Coffee - Fair Trade Organic Coffee - In many of the equatorial Third World economies, coffee is a leading crop with the main export markets being in the First World economies ...
  • Specialty Green Coffee Beans need to be fairly uniform in size and similarly shaped. This is important to help ensure an even roast. Smaller coffee beans roast differently than larger ones. When ...
  • Coffee Varieties - Coffee Varieties Around The World - Once upon a time in America there was drip or instant, milk or sugar. Folger's was the name of the game. Then, from Australian Skybury to ...
  • World Coffee Review - World Best Coffee - So where does the world's best coffee come from. Although the best is down to the individual palette, here is a world coffee review on a country ...
  • Roasting coffee beans is an art and science that takes years to perfect, especially since no two batches of coffee beans are ever the same, even when they are grown on the same farm
  • The art of roasting coffee beans starts with coffee beans that have been skillfully selected and dried. Some coffee bean processors use a wash to remove the fleshy fruit from the bean and ...
  • Coffee Roasting Process - As air dried green beans, coffee has an earthy smell and is different in composition from the coffee we drink. The beans need to be roasted to burn off some oils and ...
  • Coffee Roasts - Different Roasts of Coffee - There are three levels of coffee roasts which are light, medium and dark. However, there are further divisions within these three categories ...
  • Coffee Blends - How to Blend Coffee Beans - By blending coffee beans from different regions, and in different roasts, you have an infinite choice of flavors that you can create to match your ...
  • Coffee lovers will be pleased to know that roasting coffee beans at home is now easier than ever and the results are often as great as the professionals. A variety of home coffee roasting machines ...
  • There are numerous types of coffee roasts from various parts of the world as well as speciality and gourmet choices such as espresso, cappuccino, lattes, mochas and various flavoured coffees.
  • Coffee Types - Different Types of Coffee Drink - Your first coffee choice decision is between instant and real coffee beans. Instant coffee is usually a variation of the freeze drying process ...
  • Organic Coffee - Organic Coffee Bean - Organic coffee is different by taste and that is due to the way it is grown. The coffee plant grows best in the shade which means that ...
  • Coffee Pod - Coffee Pod Machine - Coffee pods consist of coffee that has been roasted and ground. This ground coffee is then immediatley packaged into a special paper pod and the pods...
  • Decaf Coffee - Decaffeinated Coffee - Recently a variety of the coffee tree was discovered that naturally contains almost no caffeine. Until and unless that species finds its way into...
  • Pumpkin spice coffee is a gourmet flavored beverage that combines the creamy sweet flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg to make a warming drink reminiscent of freshly baked pumpkin pie
  • Specialty Coffee - Frappe - Cappuccino - Calypso - The counterpart to the innocent Frappe is the wicked Cappuccino Borgia, named for the famed poisoner. You'll just die for one..
  • Most anybody can make a cup of coffee but making good coffee is another story. A great cup of coffee needs the perfect blend of freshly ground coffee beans and not rehydrated instant granules
  • Coffee Maker - Once upon a time there was only the lowly percolator coffee making machine. Coiffed housewives would sit lovingly staring at water being heated until pressure forced it up ...
  • A Barista Coffee Maker is someone who makes coffee drinks as a profession. So, let's find out what the barista thinks about a bean and its product.
  • Cupping Coffee - Coffee Tasting Cups - To cup the coffee, coarsely grind about a quarter ounce of roasted beans and place them in your tasting cup. Test the fragrance. Add around ...
  • Coffee cupping is part of the art of coffee tasting as an adjunct to professional buying, judging contests, writing reviews and so forth. But why should the professional 'cuppers' have all the fun ...
  • Fresh Coffee Tips - Keeping Coffee Fresh - For the best fresh coffee the best tips are to obtain unroasted beans, then roast and grind them on the same day that you plan to brew. Roasting ...
  • Coffee Maker Water - Best Water for Making Coffee - A cup of coffee is mostly water. The coffee dominates the flavor, but the effects of the taste, mineral content and acidity of the underlying ...
  • Brewing a Great Cup of Coffee - How to Make the Best Coffee - Making your cup of coffee could be as simple as adding a spoonful of instant coffee to water, or a lengthy process using ...
  • Tips to Make Espresso - Crema Espresso - The shot of espresso is at the heart of most good coffees today, and making an excellent espresso is the bread and butter job of a coffee maker ...
  • How to Make Espresso - How to Make Expresso Coffee - Making the Perfect Espresso - Every barista coffee maker will have his or her method for the perfect Coffee Espresso or Coffee Expresso ...
  • How to Serve Coffee - When making your coffee you should mix about seven grams or one level tablespoon for each cup of water. Your coffee maker probably came with a plastic tablespoon ...
  • For many, coffee making machines are like having breakfast with an old friend that offers both utility and comfort since starting their day without a good cup of coffee would be unthinkable
  • Coffee Makers - Turkish Ibrik to Coffee Maker Pod - Coffee Makers have been around, not surprisingly, almost as long as coffee. The original coffee makers or coffee brewers were...
  • A single cup coffee maker makes a fast cup every time someone wants one with the last cup of the day being as freshly made as the first. And it really is fast because the single cup coffee maker ...
  • Espresso Machine - Espresso Coffee Maker - Espresso is a type of strong coffee brewed by forcing steam, under pressure, through darkly roasted, powdered coffee beans. A device that ...
  • The Italian espresso machine has become the mainstay of coffee shops around the world in recent years. They can even be found today mounted in the back of vans at worksites and outdoor fairs ...
  • Cappuccino is a delicious coffee drink that can be difficult to make properly. However, home coffee cappuccino machines are now available that help you master the art of perfect cappuccino making
  • The Breville BES860XL Barista Express Espresso Machine is a programmable espresso maker with integrated conical burr grinder, water filtration and a 67 ounce water tank
  • The Cuisinart EM-100 Espresso Machine is a modertely priced stainless steel espresso maker that produces a fine cup and is a great choice for anyone looking for their first home espresso maker
  • The DeLonghi BAR32 pump espresso maker is a wonderful combination of retro appearance and state of the art features that are unlikely to be found on any other home espresso coffee machine
  • The Delonghi EC155 espresso machine is a professional 15 bar pump espresso maker that boasts a built in steam frother wand and dual function filter for ESE pods and grounds
  • The DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Espresso Machine prepares exceptional cappuccino, espresso and latte from a unique beans to brew system that grinds coffee beans right before brewing
  • Bring coffee culture into your home with the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine from Krups. The Dolce Gusto is a multi coffee capsule system that will change the way you make coffee
  • The Nespresso D90 Essenza espresso machine offers several impressive features at a very modest cost but there is one major downside to the essenza espresso machine that is not immediately apparent
  • The Rancilio Silvia home espresso machine is considered one of the top rated espresso coffee makers on the market and not without good reason
  • Home coffee accessories such as a coffee bean roaster, coffee bean dispenser and your own coffee grinder will all help lift your coffee experience to a whole new level
  • A convenient method of storing whole coffee beans is in a coffee bean dispenser. These innovative storage solutions ensure that your coffee beans stay as fresh as the day they were roasted
  • Coffee roasting is an art as well as a science that requires experience and the right kind of equipment. This is where the coffee bean roaster comes in. Home coffee roasters come in all ...
  • Coffee Bean Grinder - Coffee beans, like any food product, oxidize when exposed to air. Using a home coffee grinder at produces the least exposure to air and the freshest grounds possible plus ...
  • As well as being the worlds favorite beverage, coffee can be used for a lot more. Coffee in food recipes are abound for baking and cooking as well
  • Gourmet Flavored Coffee - Flavored coffee is synonymous with gourmet coffee. In fact, gourmet coffee is the result of sprinkling special aromatic oils on the coffee beans while they are roasted ...
  • Custom Flavored Coffee - Flavored Specialty Coffees - Coffee purists may not like the idea of adding flavors to coffee, but for many coffee drinkers flavors add an exciting new dimension to ...
  • Coffee Recipes | Coffee Cake - Espresso Brownies - Meatloaf Sauce - Lovers of the drink know how delicious that liquid dream can be. But delights abound in using coffee as an ingredient in ...
  • Baking with Coffee - Coffee Swiss Roll - We are all familiar with the variations of coffee as a beverage. It may not be so well known that coffee's versatile flavor has also become popular in baking.
  • Cakes made with Coffee - The history of coffee cake can be traced back to 17th century Europe. As coffee had not reached Europe prior to that, no coffee cake can be thought ...
  • Coffee Drink Recipes - One of the many advantages of drinking a beverage both ancient and international is the delightful variety of coffee drink recipes that allow you to enjoy coffee in ...
  • Canadian Coffee Recipe - Canadian Coffee Recipe made with whiskey, strong coffee, cream and maple syrup
  • Authentic Irish Coffee Recipe - Authentic Irish Coffee recipe made with Irish Whiskey, hot black coffee and topped with whipped cream
  • Creamy Irish Coffee Recipe - Creamy Irish coffee made with hot strong black coffee, whipping cream, sugar and Irish Whiskey
  • Coffee health effects have been the subject of many studies over the years with some more recent results concluding that coffee may not be as bad for you as previously thought
  • There is no getting away from the fact that coffee is the most popular beverage the world over. However, why is coffee so popular nowadays, even more so than it has been in years gone by
  • Why do People Drink Coffee - It is the mildly stimulating effect of the caffeine in coffee that gets us going for the day. That is probably what appeals to most people about coffee and there is ...
  • Coffee Health Benefits - Coffee Health Risks - The last 25 years has seen the growth of a cottage industry in the study of the effects of coffee and health. And no wonder - over 400 million ...
  • Health Effects of Coffee - Effects of Coffee on Health - In moderation coffee is harmless, but, as with most things, excessive consumption can be damaging to your health, although nothing ...
  • Coffee Diet - Diet For The Coffee Lover - For people who love coffee, yet feel like they need to regulate their diets, discouragement is often encountered when the dieter realizes ...