The Bottled Drinking Water Industry

The bottled drinking water industry regularly comes under fire for some of its less than scrupulous marketing methods. Many folks buy bottled water mainly because they are unclear of exactly what their tap water contains. On the other hand, are we absolutely convinced that bottled water is any healthier than tap water?

That is certainly the issue at hand, since experts are recommending more folks to skip the bottle of expensive drinking water and opt for tap water instead. Their reasons appear sound, but you should have the facts before automatically thinking that bottled drinking water is healthy drinking water and free of impurities.

Let us evaluate some of the more common reasons for purchasing water in a bottle rather than drinking water from a tap.

Bottled water has become extremely popular but there is a new wave sweeping the world. Vitamin water is becoming the latest preferred choice amongst various water drinkers. They feel that bottled water standards have developed to the point where it is now acceptable to include preservatives, flavorings and vitamins. These folks are more than willing to shell out a couple of dollars just to have the extra advantage of getting some safe drinking water with a measure of vitamins together with calcium to kick start their day and ensure proper nutrition. The bottled water industry is well aware of this trend and is always introducing brand new choices.

Over the last couple of years, there have been a number of instances where a bottled drinking water company have been discovered to be using nothing more than filtered tap water in their product. These kinds of discoveries usually lead to a spark of contention among the public as to whether or not bottled water is the best choice.

In addition, it creates a landfill issue with the sheer quantities of plastic being thrown away and in truth, it is no better or worse when compared with the water straight from your tap. Folks continue to buy it but at the least, they know the facts now.

The bottled water industry is not going anywhere soon. Many people residing in metropolitan areas do not want to take the risk with their source water. Additionally, they are afraid to drink water found in numerous countries where water quality is just not regulated. Moreover, who can blame these people because the last thing they want is to get dysentery while on vacation in some foreign country.

Nonetheless, give tap water or well water a chance while you are at home. You are going to save money and you can always add in your own flavors.

What is more, you will also be doing your bit to support the environment.