Brita Drinking Water Filters

Brita water filters are the consequence of one particular man’s foresight. Back in 1966, Heinz Hankammer, who lived in a smallish town in Germany, realized that water sources were being subjected to environmental hazards and therefore, with time, safe drinking water would become a major issue. He set about resolving the problem by creating a straightforward filter that could be attached to a faucet to give totally desalinated water. He named the filter AquaDeMat and the business Brita.

In time, this big idea took wings and Brita pitchers, faucets filtration systems and coolers grew to become household names. Today Brita water filters are associated with clean and healthier tasting water. This is because each of their filtration systems, regardless of the actual model and technology, work at getting rid of harmful particles both organic as well as inorganic.

Brita offers a number of popular models like filter jug and tap mounted. Both of them are mounted at point of use and perform effectively to remove substances along with chemicals, which might be potentially detrimental to health. At the same time, they allow dissolved minerals, which happen to be beneficial for health, pass through with ease.

Brita’s Maxtra filters are every bit as simple to set up. They utilize a four-step purification procedure to guarantee water, which is both pure and great to taste.

In Stage 1, which is the pre-filtration step, the water flows through a fine mesh filter.

In Stage 2, which is the Ion Exchange Filtration phase, the filter cartridge that has an ion exchange resin decreases the carbonate hardness. Concentrations of metals like aluminium, copper and lead are also greatly reduced at this stage.

In Stage 3, described as the Activated Carbon Filtration stage, the granulated activated carbon decreases substances, which have an effect on the smell and flavor of tap water.

Last but not least, in Stage 4, which is the Intensive Final Filtration phase, a fine mesh particle filter stops impurities from passing through.

Consequently, if you would like pure water that tastes great as well, a Brita drinking water filter may be just what you are looking for. After all, fifty million folks in around seventy countries cannot all be wrong.