Types of Domestic Water Filters

The pressure on water resources as well as rising pollution levels have lead to countless families installing domestic water filters inside their homes. These filtration systems get rid of harmful particles from drinking water as well as enhance its smell. Additionally, they eradicate microorganisms present in the water and provide drinking water, which is clean and healthy.

The demand for water filter systems has led to the development of different types of filter systems. These filters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and utilize distinct technologies to decontaminate the water. Each technology has advantages and disadvantages over the other

Carbon Water Filter

This is actually the most common filter and is very effective when it comes to removing odour. It also destroys pathogens and filters impurities.


These particular filter systems boil water and convert it into vapor. The harmful particles are left behind and the vapor is condensed to provide pure water. This is an age-old process, which has stood the test of time and as such continues to be widely used even today. These types of filter systems rank second in popularity.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

This particular filtration system uses a fine membrane in order to filter the water through an osmotic procedure. It takes out everything from water, leaving it totally pure. Unfortunately, it also gets rid of the beneficial nutrients in the process. These filter systems are not very common. Logistically, they are not as practical because a professional mechanic’s services are needed for both fitting as well as filter changes.

Back Flush Water Filters

In contrast to claims made by the manufacturers these types of filtration systems are not any different from normal charcoal filters. They tend not to have a long life and need frequent filter changes. Also, they are more costly.

Magnetic Water Filter

This particular filter uses a magnetic field to rearrange the ions. It works best when the technology actually splits the water ions. Otherwise, all changes are temporary.

Energetic Water Filter Systems

These filters have to be attached at the point where the water comes into the property. They align the water as well as soften it to a certain degree but they cannot alter the pH value or the charge of water. Additionally, they do not filter the water at all in spite of the claims.