Benefits of Clean Safe Healthy Drinking Water

It is a simple fact of life that we all need water to live. Some sixty percent of our body weight comprises of water and it helps the body maintain its delicate balance of electrolytes. Drinking or potable water is the name given to water that contains low levels of impurities and is fit for human consumption. However, if you are not being attentive to the type of water you are consuming, that so called healthy drinking water could have the complete opposite effect on your body.

Not all drinking waters are identical and many can be downright harmful to you. You have likely heard horror stories of folks traveling off to an overseas country, consuming the drinking water that is contaminated and then finding themselves in a hospital with dysentery. The solution is to find a safe water source or to ensure that your water is safe to drink.

Drinking water has to be balanced. Run off from local farms that use pesticides, run off from animal livestock areas or run off from industrial parks can all have a direct bearing on source water. Should there be a contamination issue, the local public water office must issue a warning to citizens that a boil order is in effect. This means that all water, excluding bathing, must be boiled to ensure safety.

In order to ensure that the water that you drink is also safe water, it needs to go through a number of processes before being consumed by you. Firstly, it goes through water treatment plants and water purifiers to make certain that no microscopic bacterium are present that will cause you harm. Numerous cities and towns endeavor to use biological purification systems prior to adding chemicals or other treatments to the water to make sure that you will not become ill by consuming the water. Water contamination is serious business, and in North America rigorous water standards are the norm. Gastric problems can be quite serious for many folks who already suffer from a lower immune system, like the young or elderly.

It cannot be emphasised enough just how important drinking water is to your life. Even though water is the foundation of all beverages, you cannot get all the fluids your body need simply by drinking soda pop, although that is better than not drinking anything at all. Even if you dislike the taste of tap water, there are numerous alternatives out there from which to choose. For instance, why not try some of the new flavored waters, which come chock full of vitamins and other nutrients? You will be able to get your daily dose of water and have a great tasting beverage to enjoy into the bargain.