Different Types of Liquor Beverage

Different Types of Liquor Beverage

Everybody has an interest in attaining his or her own potential in one way or another. Different types of liquor and spirits of a more earthly, or shall we say earthy kind may or may not help with that effort. All the same, one thing that is beyond dispute and that is the certainty that they will make the journey much more pleasurable.

Types of Whisky Liquor

Whiskey, or if you prefer the correct Scottish spelling, whisky, is recognized the world over. One amongst the principal brands on the market today is actually from Japan. Your favorite may be a traditional Bushmills from the Emerald Isle. Then again, you may favor a scotch brew from further north. Alternatively, maybe delicate Bourbon from the south of the United States is more to your taste. Nonetheless, when it comes to fine whisky liquor, geographics quickly become irrelevant since it is the delicate notes of wood and spice that suffuse any fine distillation that is important.

Brandy and Cognac Liquor

Those same hints, and then some, are also found in a fine brandy liquor. If you have an insuperable fondness to geography, though, do not be ashamed since it does make a difference sometimes. Cognac is produced only in the region of France that gives this divine beverage its name. Armagnac, which is a very similar liquor, is also tied by law and tradition to the area in Gascony where it is made.

Rum Liquor

Rum has only the loosest of associations to any one location. The majority originated in the Caribbean, and a good deal is still produced there. It is not easy to replicate that climate or the molasses that come from the sugar cane it promotes. Nonetheless, whether it is produced in Haiti or the Dominican Republic, or even in South Carolina, fine rum liquor will certainly not be mistaken for mere grog.

Anisette Liquor

For an equally flavoursome, but pleasantly different style of liquor, consider anisette liqueur. Its origins are even more vague, but nobody could mistake the taste for anything else. This liquorice like liqueur is great by itself or as part of Galliano or as an ingredient in a fantastic cocktail.

Some folks favor a purer taste, finding the full-bodied hints of fruit or smoke a distraction. To some, rum is for pirates and licorice is strictly for children, but to each his own. For such folks a great vodka liquor or gin liquor could be just the thing.

Careful additions of botanicals make these grain alcohol liquors perfect by themselves or as the basis for a great cocktail. Even tequila may fit into this category, given that it has only the most delicate notes of the agave plant from which it comes.

Any or all of these can be judged by more than just strictly personal taste which is an inescapable part of any person's score, of course. Nevertheless, a few guidelines can be usefully employed to get the most out of the experience. Judging an excellent brandy or scotch is not merely a pretentious exercise in slinging around words intended for other contexts. Like any art, experience increases the ability to detect subtlety and that adds to one's enjoyment.

Of course, that enjoyment can go beyond the mere hedonistic. There are actual health benefits to moderate consumption. However, note that all-important word 'moderate'. The harm of excess drinking is very real and not just mere finger wagging.

Get the most out of your liquors and you cannot help but lift your own spirits at least just a little bit.

What is Brandy Liquor
Brandy liquor or brandywine is a beverage that is a fine combination of grain distillation, used to make most liquors, and fermented grapes used to make wine

How to Judge the Best Brandy Liquor
Judging the best brandy liquor is not entirely a matter of personal taste. There are some guidelines for what qualifies as good or bad in brandy as there are in other fine spirits

What is Cognac Liquor
In layman’s terms, Cognac Liquor is simply brandy with a different name. However, to the connoisseurs of this fine spirit, that statement could not be further from the truth

What is Gin Liquor
Although gin liquor is often associated with England, owing to the popularity of a type known as London Dry Gin, credit goes to the Dutch for its invention

Different Types of Rum Liquor
There are two major types of rum liquor which are either dark or light. Spanish speaking countries mainly produce light rum while current and ex English colonies tend to produce mostly dark rum

What is Tequila Liquor
Authentic tequila liquor is made only from a species of agave called the Blue Agave plant, and primarily only in the Mexican state of Jalisco. The finest tequila drink is fermented 100% agave

What is Vodka Liquor
Vodka liquor is typically forty percent alcohol by volume or eighty percent proof. Higher concentrations containing fifty percent or one hundred proof are available as a premium vodka

What is Whisky Liquor
Whiskey is such a recognizable beverage it almost seems ridiculous to pose the question - what is Whisky liqour. However, most folks only know it by taste and very little else

Difference between Bourbon and Whisky Liquor
The difference between bourbon and whiskey liquor is the fact that bourbon uses a minimum of fifty one percent corn in the distillation process whilst most other whisky uses barley as a base

How to Judge the Best Whiskey Liquor
Judging the best whiskey liquor is often seen as a matter of personal taste. However there are real differences between good and bad whisky liquor that can be found by careful tasting

What is Anisette Liqueur
Anisette liqueur is an outstanding french liquor made from the seeds of the star anise spice. Anisette can be drunk on its own or used as the perfect ingredient in a mixed drink

Health Benefits of Liquor
Moderate alcohol consumption has been acknowledged as beneficial, particularly red wine. Several studies have concluded that the health benefits of liquor are much the same

How to Make a Cheap Moonshine Still
Making a cheap moonshine still is as easy as gathering a few household items together. A copper bottomed pot, large wok, pyrex jug and ice is all you need to get started making moonshine liquor