Which Is The Better Choice, Tea Or Just Plain Water?

There are some individuals who drink a large amount of water per day, there are also a large amount of people who drink more than several cups of tea a day and recently there has been some research done into which is better for the body.

Coffee – You Can’t Live Without It!

I wake up to the off-key anxiety clock. With great effort I get out of bed and make my way to the kitchen. With one eye open, I manage to deal with yesterday filter and coffee grounds out of the coffee and amazingly I am able to remove them and put in the trash. I fill the pot with H2O, and finally get new coffee filter in the maker. As I struggle to open the canister of coffee, the spell of this wonderful grinds tingles my senses and I begin the expedition to become part of the living again.

Coffee And Culture, Or The Culture Of Coffee

Coffee (even decaf) is delicious for those who are coffee drinkers. There are seemingly a million ways in which coffee can be prepared and served.

If you do have the money, there is something special about going to the coffee shop. Simply ordering a cup of coffee won’t suffice. You’ll need to specify which coffee and what size. Specialty coffee drinks are all the rage among business professionals; it’s easy to pick up a shot of espresso, a latte, or a cappuccino on your way to work, or on a lunch break. However, if you just want a regular coffee (black or with cream and sugar), naturally you can get that too—just say so!

Freshly Brewed Memories Of Coffee

When I was quite young, I really didn’t like to drink coffee. What I did love was the smell of coffee brewing! Even to this day, when I smell freshly brewed coffee, my pleasure centers wake right up!

How Coffee Has Changed Over The Years

Making coffee sure has changed over the years. Although it still smells the same, how we brew our coffee isn’t the same as it used to be. Many years ago, coffee was brewed on the top of a wood stove. You could smell it cooking wherever you went in your house. That is also true when you make your coffee in that type of pot on your modern range top.

Coffee: Its Silent Role In Our Society

Whether you enjoy drinking coffee or not, the possibility is pretty good that there is coffee available nearby—at home, at work, and in every street corner, it really is everywhere. This shouldn’t be a surprise since coffee is the second most popular drink next to water and the second most widely used product next to oil. Indeed, coffee is a normal part of every sector in our society, and how significant that role is, is something we will soon figure out.