Endurox Accelerade Sports Drink

There are many different energy sports drinks that you can choose from these days to help give you a boost and to keep you well hydrated during your workout sessions. One of the newer offerings in the sports beverage market is the brand called Endurox Accelerade sports drink. The manufacturer of Accelerade claims that this sport beverage is truly unique in the market and that it delivers specific benefits to improve performance.

The Endurox Accelerade brand is said to be the first sports beverage of its kind. It is designed to shift the body's energy dynamic during training sessions in order to provide the potential for peak performance.

Just like any of the conventional and well-established energy sports drink brands on the shelves, the Endurox Accelerade sports drink gives the athlete the needed carbohydrates and electrolytes. These very common ingredients in all endurance drink formulas are necessary to re-hydrate the body efficiently and to replenish the energy reserves of the muscles.

However, at this point Accelerade leaves the other electrolyte sports drinks behind and really sets itself apart. This is because the Accelerade sports beverage provides a patented four to one ratio of carbohydrates to proteins in the formulation. This special formulation serves to accelerate the movement of the carbohydrates into the muscles.

Accelerade has just the right combination of complex and simple carbohydrates, and in just the perfect balance, in order to support the rapid transfer of energy and help that energy be sustained throughout a training session. As each gram of carbohydrates is increased in efficiency in the body, the Accelerade is able to conserve the muscle glycogen and to improve overall endurance.

Studies have shown that when Accelerade is compared to other conventional protein sports drink products, those who consumed the Accelerade enjoyed a 24% increase in endurance. Athletes reported that to them this was a remarkable increase and rather unexpected because of the results that they had previously experienced with other types of endurance drink beverages they had tried.

In addition to those results, Accelerade also helped to reduce the post-training damage to muscles because of the essential anti-oxidants that are also included in this exclusive sports beverage formulation. This means that by consuming Accelerade, even the average person can workout harder and longer, and can expect to have less muscle soreness and cramping afterwards.

The Endurox Accelerade sports drink formulation is based on a great deal of research that indicates nutritional values will lessen recovery times and improve muscle performance. Even though these factors are also found in other energy sports drinks, the studies have shown that the Accelerade formula has provided a breakthrough combination that can make a significant difference in performance for those who consume the product.