Cytomax Sports Drink for Energy and Endurance

Over the years there has been a good deal of debate over the question of whether an energy sports drink and endurance drink products are really worth the money. When a group of athletes were monitored during an intense work out session that lasted three hours, those who drank the Cytomax sports drink showed positive effects. The research showed that they had less lactic acid, performed better, and had less muscle cramping and soreness.

In addition to those positive results, the researchers who were conducting the tests also found that the Cytomax drinks also supported and improved the re-hydration process. At the same time, the measured results of using this energy sports drink also showed that these same subjects enjoyed greater strength and improved endurance throughout this grueling monitored workout session.

The manufacturers of Cytomax sports drink say that their endurance drink contains a proprietary formula with precise amounts of electrolytes, complex carbohydrates and their patented ingredient Alpha-L-PolyLactate. The Cytomax company states that this is a cutting-edge formula that supplies the athlete with the best type and level of energy for their workout, allowing them to enjoy training at their very best.

Alpha-L-PolyLactate is a trademarked component in the Cytomax product. Cytomax claims that their endurance drink delivers energy more quickly, that it provides fuel to the body in the most optimal way possible, and that it also protects the muscles from the build up of acids. These are all considered keys for athletes to enjoy peak performance and excellent endurance levels.

Additionally, the patented ingredient, Alpha-L-PolyLactate that is found in the Cytomax sports drink mix will buffer the production of lactic acid in the muscles. This can reduce the burning sensation in the muscles during intense training sessions and can also significantly reduce the muscle soreness commonly experienced after the exercise sessions.

Other benefits of the sports drink Cytomax are reported as: steady energy, with the complex carbohydrates stabilizing the blood sugar levels during the workout, but without the sugar crash; cell protection, through the addition of antioxidants which limit the free-radical damage that can be induced by exercise; oxygen delivery, via the succinate which improves oxygen delivery to the muscles by as much as 11% and which reduces the sensation of exertion and minimizes muscle damage.

The Cytomax formula also includes the needed electrolytes so that those minerals lost during the workout can readily be replaced. Electrolytes are also important to maintain the proper cellular balance in the body and replacing them through a quality nutrition sports drink will help assure that cellular nutrient levels are restored quickly after working out.

It is best to begin consuming the energy sports drink approximately 30 minutes before beginning your training session in order to allow the sports beverage to support effective hydration and proper lactic acid buffering. During the workout, you should continue drinking the Cytomax at the rate of about 32 ounces each hour to maintain hydration and optimal performance.

The manufacturers also say that for best results you should continue to consume Cytomax sports drink at the end of your workout session and continue for about half an hour. Taking this additional step helps assure that the body has a chance to experience the needed electrolyte balancing and glycogen restoration. In addition, this will lessen the potential for muscle cramping and soreness.