Finding the Right Energy Sports Drink

Finding the right energy sports drink can be a bit of a challenge if you have a specific body goal in mind. Here are some tips for creating a sports drink of your own, as well as some resources that will give you the energy drink you need at prices you can afford.

Natural fruit juices without the added sugar can serve as an energy sports drink in some cases. If you have a juicer, you can use apple and grapes juices to boost your immune system and eliminate toxins from the body. And, when your digestive system is cleansed, you will automatically have more energy and endurance, whether you're playing sports or working at the office. You may also want to try vegetable juice in order to restore the body's natural balance of electrolytes. Carrot and celery juices will give the body potassium, as will cabbage and spinach juices. Vitamin A is also present in these vegetables, which helps to keep the skin healthy and strengthen the immune system.

Another way to create a great energy sports drink is to use vitamin powder and amino acids. Amino acids are the acids needed to restore the body's energy and endurance, and many amino acids will help to regulate the mood and brain function, so that you can ward off sluggishness and depression. You can find amino acid powders at your local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, or you can take the amino acids in capsule form with your meals in order to enhance the work of your energy sports drink. Adding your own ingredients to the powder, such as milk (you can use rice or soy milk as well), pureed fruit, and additional vitamins will also help you to create a balanced meal for yourself, and will give you energy and improved concentration throughout the day.

You can find a number of energy sports drink varieties at your local grocery store as well. Gatorade has a number of flavors to choose from, and Propel fitness water is a great buy as well, since it is more water-based and is safer for everyday use. You can also purchase Powerade varieties at your local grocery store; these sport drinks are ideal for sporting events that may take place outdoors or in warm weather. If you want to use Accelerade as an energy sports drink, you can order the drink directly from the Accelerade company.