Does a Sports Performance Drink Really Give You More Energy

Performance drink manufacturers claim that using their energy sports drinks during workouts or during athletic events can help people perform better and have better endurance. But, there are also plenty of skeptics who question these claims. The biggest question most people have about these products is, will the electrolyte sports drink deliver any real benefits or is water all I really need during my workout?

Way back in 1965, the first energy sports drink was introduced to the market when a group of doctors from the University of Florida concocted the very first, pioneering sport drink. The purpose of their work was to develop a sports beverage that would help the student athletes at the University fight off tiredness and fatigue so that they could turn in the best possible performance.

These research doctors also worked hard to eliminate any kind of ingredient in their performance drink formula that could be construed to be a performance-enhancing drug. They wanted to be sure to steer clear of any kind of issues with the FDA or sports leagues in this regard. The result of their years of work is the well-known and well-respected sports beverage known as Gatorade.

For many years, Gatorade was available in just one flavor, but nowadays with the explosion in the energy sports drinks market, there are a number of delicious flavors of Gatorade to choose from. At the same time, the store shelves are now lined with a myriad of choices when it comes to energy sports drink brands.

Still the question lingers and people wonder if there is any real purpose to spending their money on sports beverages. If you ask the professional athletes, or even the serious amateurs, then you will get a resounding yes. During physical activity, especially in hot weather and humid climates, the body loses some essential nutrients and elements.

Plain water can help a person to avoid strict dehydration during exercise and workout, but it does not replace electrolytes which are also essential for health and well-being and for sustained activity. Electrolytes are comprised of four essential minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. When the body starts running low on electrolytes, you cannot perform at peak levels and a good sports drink will compensate for that.

There are many different drink options available and many of them contain a variety of substances in addition to the basic fluid and electrolytes. Adding a small amount of carbohydrates, somewhere in the range of four to six percent, can also help to provide the body with the glucose it needs to continue in the desired activity.

Some formulations also include protein, energy enhancers such as caffeine, guarana and amino acids. There is also a nutrition sports drink category that contains a selection of vitamins as well as some of these other components. All of these ingredients are intended to help the athlete stay well-hydrated during their workout, while also giving the body other beneficial nutrients that support performance and recovery.

It is always a wise course of action to consult with your physician or your trainer and get their recommendations of a performance drink that will best enhance your particular body and your type of workout routines. But, before you run out and buy a whole case of the sport drink they recommend, be sure to buy a couple bottles first to be sure you can handle the taste.