PowerBar Performance Sports Drink For Athletes

There are a number of reasons why it is important to stay well-hydrated during your workouts and why you should be drinking more than just plain water if you are pushing your body. There are many different electrolyte sports drink brands on the market that you can choose from and the Performance sports drink brand is one sports beverage that has been developed especially for the needs of athletes.

Energy sports drinks have been specifically engineered for athletes and those who are serious about their workouts and also serious about protecting their bodies and their health. Every serious athlete knows how important it is to put the right things in their body, especially the sports beverage they choose to consume while they are pushing their body to the limits.

The manufacturer that stands behind the Performance sports drink brand is PowerBar. It is a well-established company with a great reputation in the market. They state that they have five powerful characteristics formulated into their performance drink that makes it really stand out from their competitors.

  • It has a special combination of carbohydrate and TQ3 designed for the long-lasting energy needs of sportswomen and sportsmen. This sports beverage is said to be easy to digest because of the carefully selected combination of carbs.
  • The right amount of both Vitamin C and Vitamin E provide protection to the body from free radicals. It also includes Vitamin B which aids in carbohydrate metabolism and guarantees maximum performance.
  • It provides the right balance of the amino acids of isoleucine, leucine and valine, which also provides long-lasting energy throughout the workout, not just during times of extreme endurance performance. These amino acids also promote muscle regeneration and help to protect against the possibility of muscle atrophy.
  • It provides a very specific isotonic mix of minerals and carbohydrates that is geared precisely for the needs of sportsmen and sportswomen and that very effectively compensates for the loss of electrolytes and fluid during exertion.
  • Any time that the body is subjected to intense exertion, the immune system can be weakened. It includes glutamine, another amino acid that helps keep the immune system strong and helps muscles recover more quickly after exertion.

The Performance sports beverage can be consumed at any time; either before your workout, during exertion or after exercise as a recovery sports drink. It is a complete endurance sports drink because it provides the needed fluids to keep your system hydrated while also supplying carbohydrates. At the same time, it compensates for loss of electrolytes and supports rapid regeneration.

A half liter of the Performance sports drink is recommended for most workout sessions of up to an hour, unless you are planning on an all-out, pushing-the-limits kind of session which may require more of the sports beverage. A half liter delivers 32 grams of carbohydrates, giving it a concentration of 6.5%. The manufacturers were careful to make their drink available in several flavors. It is palatable, not overly sweet, and is refreshing and enjoyable to swig down.