What is Sports Drink Electrolyte

Whether you are deciding on which sports drink to purchase, or you are making a concoction of your own, you should be aware of the sports drink electrolyte balance that is necessary in order for the body to function at its best. Here is some information about electrolytes, as well as some of the best foods and energy drinks to purchase to get the electrolyte balance you need.

Electrolytes actually have the ability to conduct electricity throughout the body. The substances, which are a certain group of minerals the body needs a healthy dose of, will become ions when they are placed in a solution, such as water or juice. The nervous system needs electric signals in order to function, which means the brain and muscles will not know how to react unless electrolytes are entering the body at the right proportions. This is why energy drinks are so popular, and why so many athletes rely on them for endurance and muscle strength. The right balance of electrolytes is needed for anyone, athlete or not, to ensure the proper functioning of organs and cells.

If you are consuming a sports drink electrolyte beverage on a regular basis, you will still need to make sure that you are eating foods that will encourage the balance in your body. Fruits like bananas and peaches have high amounts of potassium, and green leafy vegetables will also give you the amount of electrolytes you need if you consume them daily. Other electrolytes include sodium and chloride, and the body may have an overload of these due to the high salt content in some foods. Chloride is needed to ensure that the body's fluids are at the correct levels, and sodium regulates the body's water content.

If you think you may need a sports drink electrolyte balance in order to keep your body functioning healthily, you may want to visit your doctor to find out just how many sport drinks you should be consuming per day. An excess of electrolytes can cause just as many problems as a deficiency, so pay attention to your body's response to new vitamins or drinks. You may need to have a blood test done in order to determine which electrolytes you need more of, and you can most likely remedy this problem by a simple diet change, or be adjusting your exercise regimen to release more sodium from the body.