Green Tea and Losing Weight

What are you doing to supplement your diet and exercise regime? Are you consuming huge diet pills or drinking soothing green tea? The difference is miraculous if you are not a big fan of medicine-sized dosages. Green tea and losing weight has been documented in numerous health journals. The emphasis has grown into a health world phenomenon, but the links are still building as more research begins in sectors. The growth of green tea weight loss programs has nutritionists questioning the true effects of the extract in the human body.

Polyphenols called catechins generate increased the speed of fat cells in the body stimulating the system to burn body fat in segments. Building the body with these polyphenols could reduce overall body composition if drunken consistently. For example, one research study included thirty men of the same height and body weight. Fifteen men were told to drink a bottle of plain oolong tea and the others were to drink oolong tea with green tea extract. The researchers placed each male on an identical diet to see if oolong tea with green tea extract provided better results.

According to the study, the men who consumed the green tea extract exhibited more promising results. The attempt to use green tea weight loss strategies proved useful in other studies as well. In addition to decreasing body fat, green tea extract provides an antioxidant and controls cholesterol.

With these benefits, who could say no to green tea for their weight-loss goals? The more green tea consumed at a consistent pace, the chance of decreased body fat reaches its maxim.

If possible, create a green tea weight loss program perfect for your goals. It may include green tea extract supplements and exercise programs such as aerobics or interval training. Drink green tea before exercising to increase its benefits on your fat burning intentions. The possibilities are endless with the new green tea weight loss ideas floating around the Internet and statistics proving the effectiveness.