Make Tea with Tea Bags or Loose Leaf Tea

How do you decide if you should make tea with tea bags or loose leaf tea instead? Some tea aficionados swear by the loose leaves which they claim has a far superior flavor over tea bags. These tea experts will tell you that the tea bag stifles the taste, diminishing the leaves ability to properly swell as the water runs over it. They will protest making a comparison because in their minds there is no compassion. Loose leaf tea, made either in a tea egg or put into a teapot and strained into cups, is the only choice.

Since most bagged tea is made from broken bits of the actual tea leave, these tea experts may be right. When the leaf is broken into such tiny bits it can loose a lot of the flavor. That is in part because a lot of the oils and chemicals in the leaves can evaporate after they are handled roughly while being made into the small leaves that are required by the average tea bag. This loss can cause a diminishing of flavor. The small tea bits, known as fannings, are crushed bits of the leaf. When its loose leaves you are using they are almost always the entire leaf and if not then they are at least large pieces.

Some tea drinkers will argue that there is far less mess when a tea bag is used. This is very true, but the tea aficionado will question if mess versus flavor is a reasonable exchange. Then comes the subject of available flavors. There are so many different flavored tea in boxes in the local supermarket. Are there as many to choose from when the leaves are loose? The answer is yes. There are many specialty stores that carry coffee beans and tealeaves. The will usually specialize in the most popular flavors, but at the same time there will be the unusual varieties as well. If you can’t find what you want at one tea store try another. Then if you still cannot find what you want you may have to go the your local supermarket and pick up a box of that unusual flavor that has become your favorite which is obtainable only in a tea bag.