Information About Making Wine at Home

The humble grape can bring so much pleasure or so much frustration. There are records of the grape being used for making wine as far back as the Ancient Egyptians and perhaps even further back than that. Many a novice has undertaken the task of making wine from the vineyards and placed it in their own kitchens.

The wine enthusiast might know which wine goes with fish or chicken but it is not so easy to make a good quality vintage from the home kitchen. Most folks do not stock the essentials for making wine and most usually do not have a place for wine storage. However, be assured that it is possible to have a great home brew.

The first step in making wine at home is to gather the necessary ingredients and tools. There are wine making kits that have all of these included but if not, the following is a basic list of what is required

  • Ripe Fruit such as grapes
  • Wine bottles that have been cleaned and sterilized
  • A large clean and steralized container to mash the fruit and for the first fermentation
  • Stirring utensils
  • Mesh screen to strain the pulp and juices
  • Funnels,
  • A secondary container for the second fermentation with an airlock
  • Hydrometer to measure the sugar content
  • Stoppers or corks for the bottles as well as the instrument to stopper them.

The most important point to take note of is that ALL utensils MUST be cleaned and sterilized. Contamination is not an added bonus and the end goal is a make wine that you will be able to drink.

Depending on the type of wine that is being made the essential ingredients will vary. The best advice for the ingredients is to do some research and follow a recipe. There are certain things that are usually found in all wines such as Campden tablets and Peptic enzymes that control the oxidation process and the production of bad yeast versus the need to culture the good yeast. It can be complicated so use a recipe and follow the instructions to the letter.

Vineyards and wineries have long followed a detailed step-by-step process for producing their quality wines. Making wine is an art and a science. The actual process is a chemical process of the byproducts produced when grapes or fruit break down. The art knows the subtle tastes and delicate flavors that are produced from combining the right ingredients.

Wine making is not impossible and once the first batch is out of the way, the subsequent returns to making wine will get easier and easier. The variations that are out there are tremendous and can be done at home.

The wineries might have knowledge and a rich history but we all can have the same basic skill sets for having fine vintage or just soured grapes