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  • The art of wine making dates back to around 5000 BC and the journey from wine grape plant to wine glass is something that the humble grape has been doing for many thousands of years
  • Wine is a well-known and worldwide beverage with every wine drinker having his or her own personal favourite types of wines that they like to drink.
  • Both are French wines that look similar but when it comes to Merlot vs.Cabernet Sauvignon, there are many differences. The names refer to the two different grapes used to produce these fine wines
  • The best wines are those that you most enjoy drinking. Here is a quick tour of some of the best wines from around the world that you may like to try to see if they live up to their reputation
  • Sweet dessert wine is typically served with fruit or bakery sweets, although it is occasionally enjoyed alone after the meal. However, what sets it apart from other wine types
  • America wine regions are situated in many states both east and west coast and also in areas such as Washington state, which is somewhat unexpected considering the less than optimal climate
  • Situated on the same latitude as the French winemaking regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy lies the Washington wine region, sometimes referred to as the wine trails of Washington State
  • The Oregon wine region, sometimes referred to as Oregon wine country, consists of a number of American Viticulture Areas or AVA's including the Willamette Valley and Umpqua
  • As a tourist attraction, wineries in the Northern California wine making region are second only to Disneyland and form part of a trade that attracts almost fifteen million visitors per year.
  • Shipping in excess of four hundred and fifty million gallons each year, wines from the Southern California wine making region are an equal match for any of their Northern Californian cousins.
  • Out of all the wine regions of Canada, the majority of the countries winemaking is associated with British Columbia although wine is also produced in all of the Canadian provinces
  • British Columbia wines date back just 140 years when Father Pandosy set up the first vineyards at the Obelate Mission near Kelowna. The province is now recognized as a winemaking powerhouse
  • There are several French wine growing regions with over two million acres of vineyards. In a typical year, some seven to eight million bottles of wine are produced from French wine regions
  • The Alsace wine region of France has been active since the time of the Roman conquest. Wines of Alsace come from the smallest winemaking region in France
  • Champagne wine is not just a sparkling beverage, but also the wine region from which the famous drink derives its name. France Champagne wine quality has remained undiminished over time
  • Close to Nantes in Western France is the Loire Valley wine region. Producing some four hundred million bottles, Loire Valley wines range from dry whites to sweet, and rosé to fruity reds
  • Italian wine regions produce some of the best varieties of wine available, which goes some way to explaining the fact that Italy is among the biggest exporters of wine in the world.
  • As well as being celebrated for it's cooking, the Emilia Romagna wine region boasts some of the most fertile plains for grape growing in Italy producing a yearly total of 473 million liters
  • The Sicilian wine region produces more wine annually than Australia and New Zealand combined. Merlot, Chardonnay and Sangiovese are grown, but there are also endemic varieties as well
  • Although professional wine makers still imbue their work with passion and skill, amateur wine making, with the help of modern technology, can often approach similar results.
  • Mastering the art of homemade winemaking takes time and above all, learning from experieince. Failure is the best way to learn, so keep trying until you perfect your home wine making skills
  • The first step in making wine at home is to gather the necessary ingredients and tools. There are wine making kits that have all of these included but if not, here is a basic list of what is required
  • Although most wines are produced from grapes, many amateur winemakers have long experimented with fruit wine making using various fruits and berries such as strawberries and cherries
  • To fully appreciate and enjoy a glass of wine, there are certain processes that should be followed. Here are some wine drinking tips that can make all the difference to your wine experience.
  • Aside from the many documented health benefits of drinking wine, there are other advantages to be had as well. Being able to pair food and wine properly is pretty impressive in itself.
  • Since Hippocrates time physicians have suggested the health benefits of wine to fight fever, disinfect wounds and provide nutritional supplements. However, is there any truth in these ascertains
  • Pouring wine correctly is a learned skill that involves using the right type of glass, opening the bottle, allowing the wine to breathe and filling the glass to the correct level
  • Understanding wine reviews and ratings can be challenging at times, especially if you are just wanting to find out how good or bad a particularly wine is.
  • It is a fact that certain food groups pair perfectly with particular types of wine. However, pairing wine with Irish food may not be so simple, especially when it comes to corned beef and cabbage
  • Hosting a private wine tasting party at home takes a bit of organizing but it can be fun way to taste a selection of limited production wines that you would not otherwise get a chance to try.
  • Understanding wine and beer is an advanced course offered by Cornell University that covers various topics from the history of viticulture thru to lectures on chemistry, color and tasting methods
  • A wine gift basket typically contains one or two bottles of wine together with a combination of cheese, chocolate, fruit or some other type of gourmet food, although the food is optional.
  • The worst thing you can do for wine bottles is to arrange them upright on a shelf. Wall mount wine storage racks are ideal since they store the bottles horizontally
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