Wine Drinking Tips

Having a glass of wine is one of the great pleasures of life and is one of the best ways to spend an evening chatting and relaxing with friends. However, all too often wine is viewed as nothing more than just another alcoholic beverage, which of course it is not.

We can all drink a glass of wine, but how many of us actually taste the subtle and enjoyable characteristics that wine has to offer. To fully appreciate and enjoy a glass of wine, there are certain processes that should be followed. Read on for some wine drinking tips that can make all the difference to your experience.

How To Enjoy A Glass Of Wine

There are a million and one ways to enjoy a glass of wine. Situations from congratulatory to conciliatory to comforting all call for a little wine. However, there are moments in life that are made for certain types of wine. It is important to know the ABC’s of how to enjoy a glass of wine, so you can savor it at its best whenever you choose to.

The Right Choice

Strategically choose the type of wine for the feeling, mood and circumstances of the moment. Obviously champagne and sparkling wines are best suited to celebrations and happy times. Light wines like Rieslings are wonderful when it is hot outside or you are just looking for something fresh and lively. Reds tend to be more romantic and some of them are even just perfect for sitting beside the fire on a cold winter night. Whites like Sauvignon Blanc are elegant and a great choice for a more formal feel. However, what makes the right choice the best choice is you. Guidelines are helpful, but by keeping a wine diary tracking likes, dislikes, food pairings and the setting you enjoyed them in, you can be sure to make the best choice for you and your wine moments in life.

The Right Temperature

Be sure that the wines you serve yourself and others are served at the temperature that best shows off their qualities. Sparkling wines and champagnes must be served cold, as should white wine. Red wines and dessert wines are much better at room temperature – providing your rooms are a moderate temperature, neither freezing nor hot. The right temperature for the wine enhances the aroma of it, which is one of the major components in your wine enjoyment.

The Right Accessories

Nothing dulls the moment of enjoying a nice glass of wine as much as struggling with a difficult to use wine opener or swirling your wine in a cloudy water-spotted wineglass. You must have the right accessories to accentuate your enjoyment. Personally I love the wine opener I have. It is a two-motion screw pull type of opener that is virtually impossible to mess up. After years of brutalizing corks, they now come out effortlessly every time. Hand washing in hot water and drying with a lint-free cloth will ensure sparkling glasses to enjoy your wines from. For an even heightened experience, experiment with tasting your favorite white from a white wineglass versus a regular wineglass. You may just be surprised at the difference the glass itself makes.

The Right Food

Choose your wine based on the food you are planning to enjoy with it. Be cautious to balance them carefully. An overpowering wine will diminish the enjoyment you get from light meals and even mask the taste of certain foods. The opposite is also true; wines that are not hearty enough for heavier meals will be practically eliminated by the taste of the food. Strive for balance to enhance the taste of the wine and your meal together.

These simple tips will make your wine experience an easier, better tasting one. By keeping these points in mind, you will surely heighten your enjoyment of any glass of wine.

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