Homemade Wine Gift Basket Ideas For Wine Lovers

If you are looking for the ideal gift for somebody who is a lover of fine wines, you will not go far wrong by sending them a wine gift basket. A wine gift basket typically contains one or two bottles of wine together with a combination of cheese, chocolate, fruit or some other type of gourmet food although the food is optional. The only slight downside in sending wine as a gift is finding out the type of wine the person on the other end prefers. To make your gift even more unique, why not consider a homemade wine gift basket where you decide exactly what to include.

Making Your Own Wine Gift Basket Has Never Been This Easy

If you are short on ideas on a present to give to that someone special or anyone for that matter, a wine gift basket nearly always does the trick. Unless the recipient is a recovering alcoholic or teetotaler, almost anyone would be pleased to receive a wine gift basket. Be it for a birthday or any other special occasion, a gift wine basket is one gift that is virtually guaranteed to please.

What To Include

You can almost include anything in your wine basket and your choice is only limited by the size or your wallet or budget. The main ingredient of course should be wine and two bottles should usually do it. Crackers, fine cheese, spreads and other tasty treats are but some of the many other goodies that you might want to include and depending on who you are giving the gift to, fine chocolates could also be added to the mix. Some people like to add fruits like mandarins and oranges or for a more tropical feel fruits like mangoes would also make a very unique and interesting wine gift basket.

DIY Gift Basket

If you wanted to put the wine gift basket together yourself, the process is fairly easy. First find yourself a large, deep basket and place a nice piece of cloth inside. Start by adding a fine bottle of wine to the basket. For white wine try a Chardonnay or Chablis and for red wine, a bottle of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noire. Of course, nothing is stopping you from including both red and white wines should you wish to do so.

Your next step would be to add some crackers and with the wide range on the market today you should be spoilt for choice. Try to go for something a little unusual like those offering a slight taste of garlic or mustard or some made from whole grain or oats just to give your wine gift basket that special touch.

A Wine Gift Basket - A Great Gift

You can virtually give a wine gift basket for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, weeding, Christmas, anniversary or even Valentines Day a gift basket will always be well received. Saying thank you for an invitation to dinner with a wine gift basket is also a great way to show your appreciation and you can rest assured that your gift would be well received by your host.

With online websites offering gift wine baskets from $90.00 to $400.00 for a deluxe basket, the process is now so easy that you can place your order and have it shipped nearly to anywhere on the globe without leaving your house. Your one requirement is for you to have a valid credit card and that you are of legal age. As we explained before, your choices are endless but remember that the dearer the wine the more expensive the wine gift basket will be.

So there you have it. Giving a wine gift basket has never been so easy, affordable, convenient and more popular than ever before.